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Rocks Fall!

Nov 3, 2018

Hello fellow gamers! This week we have an extra special episode where Devon sat down with a portion of the extremely talented and creative team behind Team NonZeroSum Games' Extra Life campaign. 

This episode is spent getting to know a part of the team (Patrick, Fedja, and Brandon) as well as discussing publishing, DM's Guild and their new medal ranking system, How we all got in this hobby, and some broad discussion about this industry and D&D as a whole for folks who may be newer to the hobby!

We played the ridiculously fun D&D one-shot called "An Ogre and His Cake" (by the very talented Christopher Walz and afterward we had this enlightening conversation. I'm editing the audio for the play session but it may take a bit to get through it all. In the meantime, enjoy! 

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