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Rocks Fall!

Jul 25, 2018

Welcome back to Rocks Fall! Your home for the best creator interviews, game reviews, and actual-play in all of podcasting! 

Today we have a very special interview with Russ Charles, the creator behind the Kickstarter phenomenon Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons and Doggies! This is a game supplement that allows RPG players to role-play their favorite doggy as a main player character alongside the humanoid classes. It comes with 12 brilliantly sculpted plastic miniatures (plus one Kickstarter exclusive) of each dog that represents one of the classes in the 5th edition game as well as an adventure and a game supplement! It is AMAZING! 

Russ is a sculpting artist who has worked with Steamforged Games, Reaper, Warmachine, and has just come off of an extremely successful collaboration with the ever-popular show Critical Role. Russ is also the co-founder of the Twitch channel Painting Polygons where he and his friend Mat showcase their skills at miniature sculpting and painting!

Head on over to Kickstarter, check out the project and back it if you love it! 

You can check out all of the work Russ is doing at the links below: 

Twitter: @russ_charles 


And don't forget about the exquisitely talented artist behind this campaign! 

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